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Ottawa's County Fresh Bowl of Everything (2)

Hudsonville: Ottawa County’s Fresh Bowl of Everything

If founder Homer E. Hudson were to see his namesake town today, I believe he would be quite proud. From its humble beginnings, Hudsonville has…

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mortgage lender questions

4 Questions to Ask When Meeting With Your Mortgage Lender

Buying a home is an exciting, scary, pulse pounding happy experience. Most of us have a multitude of concerns running through our heads a mile…

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West Michigan lakeshore life

West Michigan Lakeshore Living: Taking in the Best of Summer

Lake Michigan is beautiful no matter what time of year it is. With lighthouses that beckon to those on the water and beautiful, sandy beaches…

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location considerations

8 Location Considerations When Buying a New Home

You may be familiar with the expression “There are only three things that matter in real estate. Location, location and location.” While there’s a lot…

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home values west michigan

This Study Predicts Where Home Values are Headed: Read or Miss Out

One of the first concerns of real estate buyers, specially first time buyers, is if their new home will depreciate, or gain in value. After…

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West Michigan Lakes are a Fisherman’s Dream

Michigan is known for its wooded areas, wandering rivers and beautiful lakes. It is a outdoorsman’s delight when it comes to wild game and fishing….

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Make Life Grand in Grandville!

Located southwest of Grand Rapids, Grandville is only a few miles from the heart of the big city. Unlike Kentwood, Plainfield and Standale, when you…

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west michigan lakefront cottage

4 Reasons to Invest in a West Michigan Lakefront Cottage this Summer

It seems almost everyone in West Michigan falls into one of three categories. They either own a west Michigan lakefront cottage, know someone who owns…

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Grand Rapids Real Estate: Bubble or Bragging Rights?

Have a conversation about Grand Rapids real estate these days and you’re likely to get a range of opinions. Some believe the recent activity has…

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Your New Home in Railside West

With a population of just over 5,820, Byron Center, Michigan is located just south of Grand Rapids. For a small suburb, the city has great…

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